Thursday, June 9, 2011

You guys like me, you REALLY like me!

Right before last Christmas I started this blog, all thanks to the wonderful other bloggers that I love, and here I am about six months later with 101 followers! A special thanks to everyone who continues to read what I have to share, and to everyone else who inspires me to contribute with my own blog.

I also wanted to thank follower number 100 and 101. Blogger is having  a bit of a goof right now so I can't make a personal shout out because I can't see who you are, but it is much appreciated!

In honor of reaching 100 followers, I'd like to thank you by hosting my first giveaway! I have two books to offer to two wonderful readers. The first is "A color of his own," by Leo Lionni.

I actually own two copies of this book and love it. (I saw one on sale for 10 cents and couldn't not buy it. Silly me.) I've done a lesson with Kindergarteners, but this book is easy to inspire some new and fresh art projects. I'm sure I will use it to help think of other lessons, too, I figured... might as well share the wealth!

My second book is "Artist in Overalls, The Life of Grant Wood."

Again, I have two copies, both given to me as a present! They both have inscriptions on the inside, so the copy you receive will have a mini personal message to me, but just insert your name where it says "Hannah," and pretend that's how I signed it : ).

All you have to do is leave a comment and which book you'd prefer and I will randomly choose a winner. The contest will be open for a week starting today and ending next Thursday, June 16 at 11:59 pm. Good luck and thank you all again so much - Hopefully this will be a nice little start to your much anticipated summer vacation!


  1. Both of them are lovely! Congratulations on 100 followers!

  2. Congrats on 100 followers. I have your Chuck Close portraits in my to do file. Since I already have the wonderful "A Color of His Own", I'd love to throw my name into the hat for the Grant Wood book.Thanks very much!

  3. Love Leo Lionni! You have such great ideas! Congrats!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog and I think I must be subscriber number 101. (:

    I'm not sure if you post to Australia, but if you do, I'd pick "Artist in Overalls', because I only know one of his paintings and would love to introduce my kids to more!

  5. Yeah, congratulations! This is a tough choice, both books look awesome! I really can't decide.... guess I'll go with the Grant Wood book since my students relate to midwestern themes. :)

  6. Just came across your blog tonight, and I am inspired, despite not being an artist. I pinned your Trihexaflexagons to our Pinterest "Science Play-Space Initiative board. It will be a neat "take-away" project for our science table at the Saturday Farmers' Market. (I'd love either book; I'm in the Midwest, and I have a 3-yr-old who just loves "Fish is Fish.")

  7. And the winner is, by random drawing, Melissa and Cath!! Yay! I will be contacting you individually for your contact info : ). Thanks for following!