Saturday, May 23, 2015

Op Art

- Rulers
- Pencil
- Markers/ Colored Pencils
- 12" x 12" Drawing Paper
1. Place ruler on top of paper horizontally and make a mark at the 6".

2. Slide ruler to the bottom, without turning ruler or paper, and make a mark at the 6".

3. Connect dashes/dots. You will have two equal haves.

4. Rotate paper and repeat steps 1-3. You should have four equal corners.

5. On the horizontal line, draw a dot at every inch mark.

6. Rotate paper and repeat step 5.

7. On the vertical line in the center, the edge of the paper where the line touches, that gets connected to the first dot on the horizon line, to the right of the center. (Sorry, I know.... worst directions ever... I completely forgot to take pictures while doing this! If you're really having difficulty, I can definitely email you more specific directions.)

8. Going down the vertical line, the first dot drawn gets connected to the second dot from the center, to the right, on the horizontal line.

9. Keep going down and to the right until you get to the center intersection of the paper. (The last dot gets connected to the edge of the paper.

10. Repeat in all four corners.

11. The corners are designed to look like the "corners" of spheres. 

12. Color like a checkerboard and shade the curves so that it appears as if they are spheres.

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  1. Love the combination of the shapes for your Op Art project. How is the checkerboard for the spheres done?

    1. I would like to know the answer to how the spheres are done as well please!

    2. I kind of just teach them how to do that.. no specific routine. If you look closely at the group photo, you can see that some look better than others.

    3. What grade did you teach this in?

    4. well I think it was grade 5

  2. it looks soooo cool

  3. Awesome artwork the last one is giving a 3D look, I am here to share my recent Hikole Skateboard Review hope you guys like it and also share with your circle.

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