Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ani Hoover

Ani Hoover is a contemporary artist from St. Joseph, Missouri who now resides and works out of Buffalo, NY. Influenced by the impressionistic work of Vincent Van Gogh, she has cultivated a body of work all about color. The fourth grade students looked at her work and discussed what it could mean. How do the colors make you feel? How would you feel if you were as crowded as the circles? What do you see? They looked at the repeating circles in her paintings and learned about concentric circles. Painting their own concentric circles, they were arranged as one large collaborative piece.

Ani Hoover's Work:

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  1. Love this!! It looks fantastic put together as a collaborative piece!

  2. Wow! This was an amazing dot painting and I love to paint Aboriginal Art paintings. I am big fan of this art form so I want to learn it. Can you please help me and explain step by step: how to create it at the canvas?