Friday, May 9, 2014

Ceramic "I Love You's"

Our little Kinders made these for Mother's Day. It's an adorable and simple project that can be done every year!

As I was gluing on a couple broke fingers.. it got me thinking.. What do you use to glue broken ceramic pieces? Hot glue? Gorilla Glue? Some other name brand I need to know about?! Would love to hear your input! I have always used hot glue but this year I've been trying some other brand that comes in a blue tube.. doesn't seem to be much different : /. It claims to be used specifically for ceramics, but like hot glue, it doesn't seem to be permanently sticking as well as I'd like, and pieces are still able to crack off in the same spot. So.. what's the best stuff you've used to fix ceramics?

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  1. What a nice project! Great results! Thank you for sharing!

  2. If I can't successfully glaze broken pieces back together I use Weldbond adhesive. It works great!