Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Art Panels

We've done a little collabo to make these art panels happen. I, and our other middle school art teacher,  had our students paint these awesome 3' x 6' panels that have been hung throughout our school. One of our high school art teachers will also be working on two pieces! I was too excited to wait to post the pictures of their completion, though. Check 'em out!

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  1. what material did you paint them on? How are they attached to the wall! I see some are on concrete block walls which is what I have at my school and have been told we cannot hang anything on them. The look great!

    1. I'm sorry... I don't know the actual material we painted them on. It was some kind of cheaper wood our district had lying around.. I think it was some sort of plywood? But don't quote me on that : x... and then we actually had them bolted to the wall and framed the edges.

  2. Holy cow (no Andy Warhol pun intended:) these look great!!

  3. Did your students work together or by themselves? Did they research first or did you assign certain artists? These look so amazing, I would love to know how you helped orchestrate it :-) Great, great, great job!!!