Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 Fascination Award

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Okay... so I've been a little MIA lately. Something happened in April where, even though I knew I had a lot of things coming up, my life had suddenly become the busiest it has ever been. But I haven't forgotten about you fine folks, I swear! My plan was to catch up with all the lessons I've done the past couple months and post them in the summer when I have much more free time. I feel even worse because I haven't even really had much time catching up with what you've been doing.

That being said, I am truly honored to have been nominated for the "Most Fascinating Blog of 2012" award. It was specifically my Kindergarten Prep post that had caught the eye of the nominator. I'm not sure really how this award is presented, but I really do want to thank everyone who has read this blog in the past. The blogging community has become a whole new family for me and it definitely inspires me to keep on truckin' and working on my curriculum, discipline, evolving my lessons, ideas for bulletin boards, how to engage with the community- the list goes on!

Thanks again, friends- for having some interest in me and more importantly, sharing a little bit of you! : )

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