Saturday, August 20, 2011


It is currently 2 in the morning and I can not sleep! I came across this blog, How About Orange, as I am a huge DIY-er and there were some interesting time-wasters that I ended up trying.

These aren't the time-wasters that are related to the classroom that you might be initially thinking about. They are more for the artists inside us.

If you can't sleep or are just plain bored, I'd definitely recommend the site. There are a lot of color personality quizzes and font and logo games, but I've decided to share some particular links that I ended up giving into myself.

1. Quiz: Donald Judd or Cheap Furniture? I scored a 67%! To find out more about Donald Judd, click here.

2. Right Brained or Left Brained. I was 60% Left Brained and 32% Right Brained... not sure what that means for the lack of 8% brain cells. This also isn't encouraging for my creative side.

3. Online Color Challenge, how well do you see color? Arrange these hues in order. I scored a 30.

4. The eyeballing game. A test to see how good you are with lines and angles. I'm sure the more you practice, the better you become. For my first time I got a 4.1 in 128 seconds.

6. Pentagram- What type are you? One of the many personality quizzes listed on her site- This one is specifically about which font you'd be and what that means.

7. Psykopaint- Create and paint amazing art from photos. I haven't tried this yet but have bookmarked it. It's a program which allows you to take your photographs and make them appear as if you painted them... maybe to use and make one of those canvas wrap prints?

8. SLR Camera Simulator. This one is pretty neat as it lets you experiment and learn all the SLR features before going out and buying one.

Hope you enjoyed some of these!


  1. These are Great ....thanks for sharing! just wasted time!!!! but fun!

  2. These were great -- good thing I had an hour and a half to comfortably waste!! I loved them.